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Coaches Code of Conduct


These are primary conduct guidelines of the Macomb Soccer Club (MSC). These guidelines cannot possibly cover every situation that will arise over the course of a season, and under certain situations, exceptions can be made according to the best judgment of the head coach. Please keep in mind, however, that the head coach is responsible to the entire team, player families, and the MSC program. All decisions will be made with those obligations in mind. 


Standard of Conduct

  • Support and practice the philosophies of the Macomb Soccer Club.
  • Set rules and expectations according to appropriate age level.
  • Abide and teach by the laws of the game at all times.
  • Develop an environment and create an attitude in which your whole team will respect everyone and fear no one.
  • Ensure that players are in a training environment that is challenging and maximizes their development. Encourage players to take advantage of all club training opportunities and promote self training.
  • Set a high standard when training and playing, giving praise when deserved, correction when needed. Earn respect from players and parents by being honest and fair to all.
  • Equipment and playing facilities at all venues should meet safety standards and be appropriate for the age and the ability of your players.
  • Follow all the rules of risk management.
  • Make every attempt to further your understanding and/or knowledge of soccer through courses and available resources offered by MSYSA, NSCAA, US CLUB and USYSA.
  • Follow and support the VE weather policy.
  • Playing time: The MSC philosophy is to develop all players and to that end game experience is a key part of development in both league and tournament situations. As such the club expects that all team members will have an opportunity to play. It is also recognized that modulation of playing time is a necessary factor in competitive sports and that this should be expected on the basis or ability, timeliness, willingness, attitude and health. To ensure balance in this guideline a number of minimum play standards have been established:

Age Group


U8-U12 League Play (Outdoor/Indoor)

All players play a minimum of 1/3 of each game

U8-U10 Tournament Play

All players play a minimum of 1/3 of each event

U11-U12 Tournament Play

Playing time at the coach’s discretion and within the rules of the tournament

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